V 3 Plus Waterproofing Vanderbijlpark
V 3 Plus Waterproofing Vanderbijlpark
V 3 Plus Waterproofing Vanderbijlpark
V 3 Plus Waterproofing Vanderbijlpark

V 3 Plus Waterproofing Vanderbijlpark

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V3plus Waterproofing is a business of high regard that is committed to providing solutions related to waterproofing for a variety of clientele, including both businesses and individual home owners.

Based in Gauteng, V3plus Waterproofing is a company with a solid track record of providing excellent waterproofing services in the Vaal Triangle area, ensuring that clients are satisfied with the completed work and guaranteeing both the labour and materials while providing personal service that exceeds expectations on a consistent basis.

Our extensive experience in the industry sets us apart from our competitors in an industry that requires dedication and skill, while our policy of ensuring excellent personal service for each customer has endeared us to those we have served. This has allowed us to grow a broad customer base of people and companies who rely on our quality workmanship and products delivered through exceptional customer and after sales service.

As a family business with an ambitious growth focus, we approach each client as though they are our only concern, in order to ensure that we produce excellent quality work that will have them singing our praises and recommending us to their friends and family. We understand the value of great service, and it informs everything that we do as a company dedicated to putting the customer first.

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V3plus Waterproofing will never quote for, or accept a project if we feel that we do not have the ability to do the work to the client’s complete satisfaction, within the mutually agreed time frame. Our market related prices are affordable, and we ensure value for money through our quality and customer service, while we are registered as a VAT vendor with the Receiver of Revenue. VAT will be quoted and charged to clients at the prevailing rate [currently 14%], and we require a 50% deposit on acceptance of any quotation (though this is negotiable depending on the size of the contract). Once work is completed, payment is due and payable.

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During 2010, we diversified into the field of plumbing, in a joint venture that created V4 Plumbing. An experienced and competent plumber named John Sturm and his team joined the V3plus Waterproofing family, allowing us to provide services in two industries [waterproofing and plumbing] that complement each other very well as a full solution for our valued clients.

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