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BUSINESS ON VIEW is a South African Business Directory website with a professional, market leading approach. Our aim is to showcase the best and most popular trusted businesses each Province of South Africa has to offer.

In line with our vision of being South Africa’s most preferred and trusted business network – listing website, our enhanced website and mobile platform gives clients the opportunity to have a fully incorporated business listing page. This listing page incorporates all relevant information that includes a virtual tour, photos, videos, click to call, door to door GPS navigation, event listings, live Facebook Feed, trading hours, menu/service offerings and discount coupons.

Business on View


The BUSINESS ON VIEW website and mobile app was created in line with current marketing trends while keeping our end users in mind. Therefore our website is extremely user friendly and has been optimized for mobile device usage with maximum marketing exposure for our clients.


Considering the online marketing space in the world today, just having your own website will not give you a competitive edge. In order to grow your business and maximize your potential revenue, you need to be top of mind for the consumer and that means that you need to be visible on various online platforms that works in synergy to enhance your online presence.

The challenge businesses have is that almost all online business directories are in business to grow their own business and are more interested in getting the next listing than to assist the client in expanding their online presence.

Other directories have outdated business information. This creates huge frustration for the end users, who will most likely when encountering these challenges, move onto the next listing until they find a working contact number. If you’re listings’ details with these directories are outdated, it could result in a lost client to your business.

While 70% of web traffic now come from mobile devices these directories are not optimized to handle different size smart phones or tablets, creating yet another loss of new clients to your business.

Compare 10 different businesses on these directories and notice that every business listing feels the same. If you need a small unique banner image your going to pay an arm and a leg for it.

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All our clients are comfortable to state that their business page truly belongs to them. Every business listing is branded to the needs of our clients and our end users have first sight communication options to contact the business they found with ease. We ensure that all our business listings have a professional online presence and that all information is kept up to date.

Business on View is leading all search related terms listed on the platform for all our business categories in every location we have signed new clients. We are mostly first in line on search results for business listings, events and all our marketing news.


Continuous online marketing at very competitive costing.


Automated Search Engine Optimization personalized to every business listing.


You provide the information and images and we make it look fancy while showcasing your virtual tour.


Clients can phone you with a single tap, navigate to you with door to door GPS and much more.

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Our intelligent infrastructure and listing filtering platform makes automatic adjustments to end user queries and displays both nearby and related results.

When a consumer is reading another clients listing and your business is located nearby his business, your business could be featured on their listing page, meaning that whilst someone might be searching for a nursery school, your home improvement business could feature and entice the consumer to look at your page as well…you’re piggy backing off their presence and vice versa.

FAQ about Business on View

Some frequently asked questions around our platform and what we do. We add more entries here as we get more Questions so check it daily.

BUSINESS ON VIEW is a South African Business Directory website with a Professional, Market Leading approach. Our aim is to showcase the best and most popular Businesses each Province of South Africa has to offer. Trough the use of Virtual Tours, click to call, door to door GPS navigation, reviews and client to Business Internal Messaging BUSINESS ON VIEW supplies you with the best information to guide you to the company you would prefer to do business with.

We have no fixed cost around a Business Listing on Business on View. The cost is determined by the number of Virtual Tours you require and what priority you want to give your Business on Internal Searches.

Fill out our form to have one of our team members contact you, you might just be surprised at how little the cost is for this GREAT service 😉

Yeah ofc it’s free. If your using our platform to find a specific Business or requirement we don’t charge you anything. You only use your data to browse our site and we optimize it for a very low load to make it fast and low on data usage.

To be honest, If you have a startup Business and want to keep your costs low you could use your Business on View Listing as a website referral. You get your About Us section, Virtual Tour, Photo Gallery, Contact Information fields to give the users the ability to contact you and loads more. Check out any of our listings to get an idea of the coverage we not only give you on Business on View, but on Search Engines too.

Yes! We have a superb Dashboard for every Business on Business on View where you can monitor your Business Performance and stay in Contact with all your clients.

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With all the tools and Dashboard we give you it is best practice to check up and update your Business Listing often. BUT, if you don’t have the time or allocated staff to keep everything updated and monitored you don’t need to do it at all.

All the Contact Forms will head straight to your Email, Calls go directly to you, Internal Messaging is delivered to you via Email and best of all, If you need to do updates on your Business Listing simply contact us to do it for you, theres a reason why we’re the BEST in our Field.

Keep in Mind that Business on View only started in May 2019 in Gauteng. We add new and Trusted Businesses on a daily basis and our network is growing super fast. Check back daily and try searching again in your area or have a chat with some of your Local Businesses to sign up with us.

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