Nursery School Of The Arts – Edenvale
Nursery School Of The Arts – Edenvale
Nursery School Of The Arts – Edenvale

Nursery School Of The Arts – Edenvale

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‘Nursery School of the Arts’ is a popular registered nursery school situated in Edenvale. Founded in 2012 by three qualified teachers who are passionate in creating a well-rounded foundation for children in the pre-primary phase. Combined they bring over 60 years’ experience in Early Childhood Development. In just a short time the nursery school has welcomed children from around the world and parents from all walks of life.

Our skilled staff understands that every child is unique, and we believe in educating children in a nurturing environment. ‘Nursery School of the Arts’ offers an opportunity to establish a strong foundation for learning that will be beneficial for your child in their future schooling career.

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Since the opening in 2012, ‘Nursery School of the Arts’ has been supporting underprivileged children. Through our charity work we contribute to orphanages through collections and donations from our attending families. Our hearts go out to these little ones, so young, so small, their futures uncertain. We as a place of learning, feel it is our duty to offer these children an education where they may grow, flourish and above all, to let them know that they are important and loved.

Our ‘Sunny Side Up Program’ is offered to prospective companies, businesses or individuals that would like to sponsor an underprivileged child to attend ‘Nursery School of the Arts’ until they are Grade 1 school ready.

For more information please contact our office.

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