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HFC Customs Heidelberg

Shamshoedine Hoosien better known as “Shoes” slowly started his dream and has well succeeded to become the sole car audio fitment center in Heidelburg. Few has tried but none has lasted as all of Heidelberg knew “Shoes” as the sound expert. But in 2013 Jacques Bauer took over the dream that Shamshoedine Hoosien had and with faith and prayers and help from God Jacques Bauer created HFC Customs a company that is the only of its kind in a radius of almost a 100 km. A Company with an International outlook on the automotive market that still to this very day continues to grow beyond Jacques Bauer’s wildest imagination.
From a business perspective Jacques Bauer established a small but sound and secure business platform that is unique to the area of business and surrounding areas with a business plan that would accommodate an international outlook as well as a business structure of witch can mostly be found in overseas markets. The sole idea is to create a platform where all the automotive requirements are catered for on one premises thus eliminating the need and or desire for capital loss. In a financial time line created to visualize the generated income the company showed exceptional growth in its respective market as well as income and profit witch led to an infrastructural relocation of the business to accommodate more business and income. The relocation of the company allowed and added to the business platform thus strengthening and supporting the business plan as well as increasing the amount of business generated on a daily basis and as a result has also generated big interests form outside business ventures.
Together we share a vast collection of skills and information that stretches over 40 years of vehicle security and car sound experience.

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